We want satisfied customers

All our employees are focused on you, the customer, and on the quality requirements of our products and services. A lasting customer relationship built on trust is our most important objective and we achieve it with reliability, high quality products and on-time execution.

New standards

We know our markets and we integrate this knowledge in new and innovative products. SKO has customers in Europe, Russia, Asia and Africa, as well as in North, Central and South America. We work for all major sectors of industry. 
  • Metal industry
  • Energy industry (all types of power station)
  • Chemicals industry
  • Food industry
  • Automobile industry and automotive suppliers 
  • Pharmaceutical industry

SKO can implement entire projects or sub-projects such as the design of individual parts or components. 
We also repair existing systems, recondition components and offer an efficient maintenance service.

Horizontal scrubber

Pipe circuit

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