Container Construction

Comprehensive range

SKO offers a wide variety of containers to customers around the globe. Our containers satisfy all current international standards, regulations and certifications.

Our container product range includes:
  • Thermoplastic containers in PE 100, PP-H, PVC, PVDF
  • Special and process containers
  • Subsequent cladding (also double-wall) with monitoring unit
  • Process containers
  • Chemical storage tanks with filling station
  • Flat-bottom tanks
  • Rectangular tanks
  • Collection vats and liners in all sizes
  • PE-HD wrapped tube, Z.40.21.181 certification
  • PE slab container, Z.40.21.62 certification
  • GFK with liner
  • Reactor containers in effluent treatment plants
  • Working containers for electroplating or pickling lines
  • Special containers for the food industry

We can custom-develop products to your specifications and arrange for their transportation to and assembly on your site. You can also depend on us as your partner for dismantling and reassembly of existing systems.

Treatment basin

Pre-treatment basin 
(18 m long)

GRP tank

Inlet pipe thickener

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